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Children’s Chai Package

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A combination package with three special blends for Children. The Hibiscus brings a delicious, fruity flavor, Children’s Chai has soothing floral notes from the chamomile, lavender, and rose petals, and the Chocolate is delightfully chocolaty.

This package includes the following blends:

(Visit links above for full ingredients and additional info.)

1.2oz ~ Recyclable tins. Each tin makes about 17+ cups of chai.
Each batch can be re-brewed up to 3 times; simply save in fridge after straining and re-brew when ready for more.

(Small amount of caffeine in the chocolate chai from cacao.)

All organic, vegan ingredients, hand made in a GF home.
Healthy blends to enjoy every day!

Visit our blog post on How to Make Chai for preparation directions.

{This does not contain sugar/milk. We suggest adding your own according to your taste preference. We enjoy our chai with oat milk and honey!}

* Please note: These tins are about 1/2 the size of our regular tins. Each tin will contain around 1.2oz of chai. 

In stock (can be backordered)


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