— Organic, Authentic Chai, with a Hint of Healing Herbs —

Simply Chai

Organic Classic Chai, Chai Garden, Authentic Organic ChaiOrganic Classic Chai, Chai Garden, Authentic Organic Chai
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An irresistible blend of organic Darjeeling tea (the finest in India), combined with traditional chai spices to warm the body and soul. {See ingredients list for health benefits.}

Choose 2.5oz/4oz. Contains caffeine.

2.5oz. ~ Recyclable tin. Makes 35+ cups.
4oz. ~ Brown paper bag. Makes 60+ cups.
{Each batch can be re-brewed up to 3 times; simply save in fridge after straining and re-brew when ready for more.}

All organic, vegan ingredients, hand made in a GF home.
A healthy blend to enjoy every day!

Visit our blog post on How to Make Chai for preparation directions. See tabs below for ingredients and additional info.

{Please note: this does not contain sugar/milk. We suggest adding your own according to your taste preference. We enjoy our chai with oat milk and honey!}

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5 reviews for Simply Chai

  1. Bethany Schafer

    Simply Chai defies description. Unearthly fragrance, heavenly notes of cardamom, star anise, and pepper. A sweet heady aftertaste that lingers. It’s perfect. As a devoted coffee drinker of many decades, I am completely astonished. No tea has been able to turn my head for years. This Chai goes a long way. The tea is so fresh that we crush 1 tablespoon per teapot and then double brew it. The second pot is easily as delicious. My son even triple brewed yesterday since I keep the tea under lock and key. ? I cannot recommend Simply Chai highly enough. It completely exceeded my expectations. ?

  2. Charlie

    Chai Garden’s Simply Chai is amazing! I’ve been drinking a cup or two (or three) every morning. It has the PERFECT blend of herbs, not too spicy, which I appreciate. I add a little honey and it’s perfect for me ? I cannot wait to try more! 10/10 recommend!

  3. Abigail

    Chai Garden’s Simply Chai is the tastiest tea I’ve ever enjoyed, and I could drink hundreds of cups a day!

    While preground mixes taste dusty and lackluster to me, these fresh, organic spices are aromatic and brightly flavored.

    I also love the process of grinding and brewing. (The included instructional card outlines the steps clearly and simply.) It feels almost ritualistic and brings a moment of inner quiet to my day.

    Because it’s actually brewed in a saucepan on the stove, it stays piping hot until ready to be drunk, rather than cooling down as it steeps in a teapot.

    I brew with one part water and two parts milk, then I add old-fashioned honey or brown sugar. It is rich and creamy, deeply colored, steaming hot, and artfully, complexly spiced.

    I’m eagerly looking forward to trying more Chai Garden varieties! Happy cozy-weather sipping!

  4. Susan Barrett Naccarato

    I ordered several different kinds of Chai at Christmas, some for gifts and some for my kitchen. Delivery was super fast, and communication was responsive. The teas are a blend of sweet and spice, I’ve never had a better chai!! Quality ingredients and super cute packaging. Highly recommend it!!

  5. lisa

    My favorite chai! perfectly blended, feels like a hug in a cup.

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