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How much chai blend should I use?

This really comes down to personal taste. One teaspoon per cup is typically a good ratio. You can add/subtract depending on how strong you prefer your chai. I personally use one tablespoon in a pot so I can make several cups at once, and I store the extra in the fridge.

Should I steep the chai blend, or boil it loose?

If you want to prepare it authentically, and get the most out of your blend, always, always boil it loose on the stove. You can visit our blog for How to Prepare Your Chai, and Straining your Chai for more tips and methods.

How much honey/sugar should I use?

The sweetener is an important part of chai in order to help draw out the flavours of the spices. Start with less, and add more according to your taste. You can also add a small sprinkle of salt to draw out the spice flavours further.

How much milk should I add?

We suggest a 1:1 ratio of milk to water, but you can adjust this according to how creamy/thin you prefer your chai. (I like mine extra creamy so I use two portions of oatmilk with one portion of water.)

How long should I boil/simmer my spices?

This is again a matter of preference. I typically boil until it starts to bubble over, and then simmer for 10-15 minutes. Simmering for too long can cause some of the spices like cardamom to lose flavor, or cause cinnamon/clove to become overbearing.

What if the spices are too strong, or not strong enough?

Adjust your brew time, and amount of spices used. You can also add a little more honey/sugar to help balance the flavors.

What kind of strainer should I use?

Our favorite strainer is the Elegant Tea Strainer. You can visit our blog for more information about different ways to strain your chai.

How many times can I re-brew?

We suggest 2-3 times. I like to brew once, strain, then put the spices back in the boiling pot and cover with water. I leave this to sit in the fridge until I am ready to make more chai, at which point I add oatmilk, and boil + simmer again for a second/third time.

Follow your taste buds! And please comment below with any other questions you have.





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